Google Panda – Brings New Era of SEO

Google Panda is a searching algorithm that Google use start from February 2011. It’s able to differ good quality sites and bad one and bring a new era of Search Engine Optimation (SEO).

Before Google Panda exist, Search Engine Optimation (SEO) focus on deciding keyword, creating good back-links, creating good contents with a good grammatical use, etc. Those variable can be handle by the site-developer. Thats why at the old era of SEO, Google search result has a low relevance. Every time we did a searching, the first thing come are advertorial sites – sites that full with ads and low quality of content. This is irritating us!

But after Google Panda exist, those variable no longer be an assurance for getting a good rank; appear in the first page of search result. Now we can feel that Google search result is being more accurate.

Google Panda focus on viewer happiness. So SEO strategy should consider that as the main strategy. How to make viewer happy about our site?

Surely to make viewer happy about our site, we must create a good user experience (UX) by our web design. No more webdesign that sticking Ads everywhere; its unhappy the viewer. And your site will look like a spammy one.

More over, the term of “a qualified content” should be revised. Before Google Panda exists, a qualified content is about a unique, useful, and grammatical correct – content. Then Google Panda swap it! Now, a qualified content is a content that makes people feel WOW about it, rate/recommend it, and shared it to other people.

How Google Panda do it?

First, Google track down all the user interaction in every website. They gather data from Chrome, Android, Google+, Google Toolbar, etc. Then Google Panda, a machine learning, run algorithm that will measure sites based on certain metrics. Several usage metrics that Google Panda use are :

  • Time on site/page. How long viewer read the page? How much time they spend on your site?
  • Bouncing and browsing rate. Are they just bouncing? Or they browsing? Good browsing rate is when user browsing for more than one page in the site. When viewer only gets into one page on the site, it will suffer the browsing rate.
  • Click to rate from search result. How many time viewer click to your site when your site appear on the search result? Do they click your site? Or they feel annoyed by your site? Do they will think your site as a spammy site? Do viewer feel happy when come to your site, or they back again to the search result page to see another site?
  • Diversity and quantity of traffic. Do lots of people from all around the world come to your site directly?

Will Google change again their searching algorithm? Umm… Not in a short time, I guess.

Good Links :

Google Panda – wikipedia.

Algorithm Test on Google Panda Update


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