5 Starbucks Principles (The Starbucks Experience book review)

Book cover

This book explains about the marketing strategic of Starbucks. How Starbucks became popular by the strongest marketing media, word of mouth. It’s not as simple as making a great publication. It’s more complicated. It’s about having the right organizational culture.

Among any other changing aspect of an organization, changing culture is the most difficult one. Imagine that the leaders must change all the team-member who have totally different background. Start from the educational, environment, until family background. Surely it is not a simple task. But it is possible to accomplished.

In this book, you will learn how the leader of Starbucks creates a working environment that support both of shapes the organizational culture and maintains it.

There are 5 principles that have became the heart of Starbucks culture. The culture that bring them to their phenomenal success – until now. These are the principles :

  1. Do it your way. How to give the team-members the possibility to be creative by doing it their-own way.
  2. Everything is important. How to get sustainable-customers by winning their heart? Considering all the detail. It might look simple, but it will create a strong impression.
  3. Surprise and delight. Everyone likes a predictable surprise. So the Starbucks leaders think : why don’t we create many of them?
  4. Open for critiques. Never underestimated the critiques from customers. In this book you will learn how Starbucks leaders manage critiques. All I can tell you that they handle it very well.
  5. Leave your mark. Be different. Leave good impressions. Even in the hardest society, ones who rejects.  Starbucks leaders learn to winning people heart. Most of the time, they succeed. But there are times when they finally choose to quit and left.

This is the right book for those who :

  • Curious about Starbucks keys of success
  • Want to widen their marketing knowledge
  • Want to be a better leader. Especially ones who facing an organizational-transformation challenge. Start from business, social, or educational organization, until family.

So then.
It’s a wrap.

Have a nice read!


2 thoughts on “5 Starbucks Principles (The Starbucks Experience book review)

  1. Hmm,, yup,, it’s really nice book. 1 principle that Starbucks is also really excellent is on its CSR concept which makes the customer able to feel that they have been buying a cup of coffee for increasing the welfare of the farmers in Brazil..
    The Value behind the product,,

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