Things to be done on 2010 ~ not a 2010 Resolutions! ~

Year 2010

Finally, after having doubt whether to write this or not, I choose to write it down. Why? I believe when I write it than make it readable by public, it will make feel more responsible for making it happen. Because its audit-able, now. Now you are being one of my freelance-auditor. Congratulations! ๐Ÿ˜€

Goodbye English Grammar!

I had enough of learning English grammar. Last time I took TOEFL test is on November 2009. In four nights I had to learn a thick TOEFL book! Gosh, it made me sick! Enough! I don’t want to do it anymore. I promise myself, within 3 months, I will seriously learn English grammar. So that the next time I take TOEFL, I don’t need to push my brain that hard anymore.

After three months,ย  I will focus on reading books that written in English to improve my vocabularies. So please understand when you find out that this blog is slowly changing its main language. I need to practicing my written-English, that’s all.

Then, Au revoir, English-Grammar! I will start learning French. I have the French learning-book and CDs already.

For your information, I never attend any English course. My mother never allow us, her children, to have it. She insist us to learn English by our-self. She always says, “consider it as your second mother language!” What a great mom! ๐Ÿ™‚


I’m not sure whether it is a gift or a curse to have a family that insist the cooking-ability is badly important for being a good wife. Haha.. ๐Ÿ˜€ For this, my family speaks one-language. Start from my mom, dad, and my 3 brothers. Conventional family, you might said so. But they have a good point anyway.

Being doctrine to have specials cooking menu has already control my mind. Now I insist myself to improve my cooking ability. My first target is seafood menu. Why? Because I love it. ๐Ÿ˜€ One recipe in one month would be a realistic target.

If my cocking-experiment is success, I will post the recipe in this blog. Justย  wait and see. Yummy..


I can’t tell you when, where, and with whom. Because I already made an oath to remain silence. But I guarantee that it is going to be VERY VERY exiting. ๐Ÿ˜€

More Healthy Life-style

I want to be a healthy person. Because I still have a lot of dreams to reach for! Surely I want to enjoy my life.

And considering the evil “The New World Order” plan (FreeMason) to decrease the total population of human in this year, so I have to save my life. They are planning to cut about 6,2 billion people, as Jerry D. Gray told us on his seminar. A huge number isn’t it? Looks impossible to reach, but it means that they are REALLY serious with their plan.

  • Jogging every Sunday. (Wanna join me?) I think I need to buy new shoes for this.
  • Swimming every two weeks. (Actually, this has been my fixed schedule start from October 2009)
  • Buy fruits once a week. I have to admit that I seldom eating fruits.
  • Slowly reducing the dependency of any chemical medicine. Now I prefer to consume traditional medicine than chemical medicine.
  • Not giving any vaccine (Indonesia : vaksinasi) to my 0-2 years son/daughter (someday).ย  I declare war against immutability-program (Indonesia : imunisasi). Quba reject the immutability-program. And they became the MOST healthy country in the world! PS : immutability is one of the FreeMason plans to reducing the number of population. All doctors know that a baby between 0-2 years are in the phase of developing their immune-system. They MUST NOT get any vaccine!!!

Character building

Top of the most important character that I have to improve in 2010 is “discipline”. As time goes, the list of things-that-i-have-to-responsible-with is getting long. I have to be more discipline. Otherwise, I will slowly kill my self! (Please don’t take it literally)

  • Be more consistence on writing financial expenses per day and making a resume each week.
  • Always put things on its place. Sounds simple, but not for me.
  • Wash socks every three days.
  • Saturday is my clean-the-room day. ๐Ÿ™‚

Readย  Books and Write Resume

3-books-a-month project is still running, folks.

About the resume. I realize that the tendency of writing a long resume makes me lazy to make another resume. That’s why, start from now on, I will strictly write a resume by explaining answers from 5W (What, when, where, who, why) – 1H(how) questions. I hope this strategy will makes my resume shorter than before. So I can save my time for other activity.

Hidden Agenda

Hehe.. There is always a hidden agenda. Things that can’t be share with. Or things that haven’t get in my mind yet. Without hidden agenda, my personal life will be no interesting. ๐Ÿ˜€

Okay! Enough for the list.

I will evaluate the implementation in the next six months.

Any comments, friends?


13 thoughts on “Things to be done on 2010 ~ not a 2010 Resolutions! ~

  1. Ping-balik: Refleksi 2010 « Lakukanlah dengan sepenuh hati!

    • Wah, aku juga masih belajar, mba. Caranya dengan baca buku grammer, baca bacaan berbahasa Inggris. Lalu aktif menulis dan bicara dengan bahasa Inggris. Salah-salah, tidak mengapa. Kalau ngga salah, ngga belajar.

  2. yew… a lotta things to do huh!
    great then, push ur limit and it will extend more higher and wider.
    forcing all cell to do better and better for each second will drive to next level.

    good luck then.. ๐Ÿ™‚

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